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Amazon Lightsail
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Good day! We just moved our web hosting for our website (callcenterpilipinas.com) to Amazon Web Services (AWSLightSail for a more stable hosting. Upon moving, we’ve also decided to redesign the website completely.

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Our blog at callcenterpilipinas.wordpress.com is still available and will not be affected by the migration and design overhaul. Please stay tuned for further updates!


JobsDB Philippines to close down on June 30, 2016

jobsDB to Close (hirer & recruiter newsletter)
JobsDB Philippines Closure Notice (Hirer & Recruiter Newsletter)

jobsDB to Close (candidate newsletter)

JobsDB Philippines Closure Notice (Candidate & Applicant Newsletter)

JobsDB Philippines will cease operation this June 30, 2016 as part of the closure of the some JobsDB brand across South East Asia. Earlier last year, JobsDB Malaysia announced to cease its operation on May 31, 2015. There was no notice and advisory yet regarding JobsDB Hong KongJobsDB Singapore, JobsDB Indonesia and JobsDB Thailand.

Both JobsDB & Jobstreet brand share the same parent company which is SEEK Asia, an arm of the Australian-based SEEK which was the leading provider of employment service in ANZ Region (Australian & New Zealand).

Users of JobsDB Philippines both Candidate/Applicant and Hirer/Recruiter has been advised to use Jobstreet instead.


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  2. JobsDB Philippines Candidate Closure Notice  – http://ph.jobsdb.com/en-ph/pages/edm/jobsdb-philippines-will-close-soon-candidate
  3. JobsDB Philippines to close down on June 30, 2016 http://coderecruit.com/2016/06/jobsdb-philippines-to-close-down-on-june-30-2016